3 Reasons Why Prepare A Sales Itinerary

“With great pipeline comes great opportunity. With great opportunity comes great itinerary.”

A great sales pipeline means a great deal of appointments. While sales agents are allowed a degree of randomness over their itineraries, it doesn’t remove the need to have an organized coverage plan (or itinerary) especially when accounts are growing both in number and maturity.

Let’s throw some light on why agents need to prepare and organize their sales itineraries.

1. Excuse the excuses
There is no good impression in, “I’m so sorry you had to wait so long. Today was just so crazy I totally forgot about our meeting.” Of course, there is a little chance that the client would consider it acceptable but then again, first impressions last.

An itinerary module can help agents carefully lay out their plan for each day, week or month. Appointments are listed according to date and time – the one closest to schedule being at the top. With such sequencing, agents are well guided through an entire day’s itinerary without losing an opportunity to an ancient excuse such as, “I’m sorry, I am forgetful Lucy.”

2. Track the sales pipeline
It maybe both a gift and a curse to be a good salesman. (No, don’t get us wrong. It’s good to be a good salesman!) Chances are the agent has so much on his plate most of the time, and neither his human brain nor the paper trail can do the organizing. Dates of last visit and previous meetups with different clients get mixed up and the momentum could just wither at the first hint of panic.

A recurrency feature has been added to the app so agents can easily keep track of their sales pipeline; of each account’s sales cycle per se. This feature allows recurrency per day, per week, per month depending on the desired frequency of follow ups. If a deal seems to be nearing ‘the signing’, the agent may want to set a daily recurrency.

3. Build a strong proof of sales performance
It’s the job of the management to seek reports and even demand proofs of work rendered in the field. WorQ Agent’s itinerary module does not only provide real-time proof of attendance. Overall, it builds a short-term to long-term coverage plan; creates a good picture of the pipeline’s progress; and provides a reliable, unquestionable report of sales performance. No overtime for preparing reports. In a few clicks, the management can generate the reports anytime they want.

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