The conceptualization of this personnel tracking mobile application did not begin with the necessity to track people. But rather to monitor — facilities. It began with finding a way to help a pioneer client minimize customer complaints by making sure their facilities are properly monitored.

The app went through several stages of development while being anchored to its original design that was to be a piece in the Internet-Of-Things (IoT). For months, the development team, Spingine Corporation along with interested clients, contributed and weaved ideas together to come up with a design and functionality that would address the issues in the clients’ realities.



WorQ Agent™ has, little by little, become an enterprise mobile application servicing small to major players in the FMCG and the technical service industries. It is now an activity tracking solution with multi-role functionality from sales service, technical service, and transport.

From where it started, the app has become a flagship product now making a name in the line of mobile app development for enterprise businesses. The app has a vision of automating transactions in the field with ease, making work life lighter; and work-life balance very possible.



Find out more about WorQ Agent – from modules to features to pricing. Click link: http://worqagent.com