Paper Trail to Mobile App: Digitizing Field Transactions

Imagine a day when, instead of dirty clipboards with worn-out sheets, your sales agents carry with them full-colored, touch-screen tablet devices where they record sales transactions. Imagine field “sales” gone paperless.

In fact, a mobile enterprise application for sales activity tracking has been developed to fill in the gap of automation in field sales. WorQ Agent, an activity tracking solution, doesn’t only help you monitor your assets on the field in real-time but it also makes transactions for your agents and clients easier and faster.

In all its modules, WorQ Agent™ has an electronic product list feature which could either be a list of products your agents will be selling to your clients or a list of materials your technical personnel currently has in his vehicle. Either way, the need for paper for inventory and transactions is minimized.

For the sales service module, the agents can input a list of their assigned products. This list can be customized and the agent can create a template for “frequently-selected” products for a specific client. In this way, transactions are made convenient for the clients. For the technical service module, field personnel like technicians may input a list of materials they will bring while doing their job route. They no longer need to write down what they have used on a prescribed form. Instead, they only have to choose from a list and what’s more is it will automatically update the inventory in the back-office.

This customizable product list is only one of the many valuable features that WorQ Agent has to offer. Besides sales activity tracking, the app gives you optimal control over your remote workforce. It allows smoother, faster and easier transactions with clients; it improves inventory management; and more importantly, it increases productivity and gives you more visibility over the entirety of your business on the field. It’s game-changing!

If yours is a company ready to up the game, learn more. Visit WorQ Agent, click here!


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