3 Reasons Why Prepare A Sales Itinerary

“With great pipeline comes great opportunity. With great opportunity comes great itinerary.”

A great sales pipeline means a great deal of appointments. While sales agents are allowed a degree of randomness over their itineraries, it doesn’t remove the need to have an organized coverage plan (or itinerary) especially when accounts are growing both in number and maturity.

Let’s throw some light on why agents need to prepare and organize their sales itineraries.

1. Excuse the excuses
There is no good impression in, “I’m so sorry you had to wait so long. Today was just so crazy I totally forgot about our meeting.” Of course, there is a little chance that the client would consider it acceptable but then again, first impressions last.

An itinerary module can help agents carefully lay out their plan for each day, week or month. Appointments are listed according to date and time – the one closest to schedule being at the top. With such sequencing, agents are well guided through an entire day’s itinerary without losing an opportunity to an ancient excuse such as, “I’m sorry, I am forgetful Lucy.”

2. Track the sales pipeline
It maybe both a gift and a curse to be a good salesman. (No, don’t get us wrong. It’s good to be a good salesman!) Chances are the agent has so much on his plate most of the time, and neither his human brain nor the paper trail can do the organizing. Dates of last visit and previous meetups with different clients get mixed up and the momentum could just wither at the first hint of panic.

A recurrency feature has been added to the app so agents can easily keep track of their sales pipeline; of each account’s sales cycle per se. This feature allows recurrency per day, per week, per month depending on the desired frequency of follow ups. If a deal seems to be nearing ‘the signing’, the agent may want to set a daily recurrency.

3. Build a strong proof of sales performance
It’s the job of the management to seek reports and even demand proofs of work rendered in the field. WorQ Agent’s itinerary module does not only provide real-time proof of attendance. Overall, it builds a short-term to long-term coverage plan; creates a good picture of the pipeline’s progress; and provides a reliable, unquestionable report of sales performance. No overtime for preparing reports. In a few clicks, the management can generate the reports anytime they want.

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Paper Trail to Mobile App: Digitizing Field Transactions

Imagine a day when, instead of dirty clipboards with worn-out sheets, your sales agents carry with them full-colored, touch-screen tablet devices where they record sales transactions. Imagine field “sales” gone paperless.

In fact, a mobile enterprise application for sales activity tracking has been developed to fill in the gap of automation in field sales. WorQ Agent, an activity tracking solution, doesn’t only help you monitor your assets on the field in real-time but it also makes transactions for your agents and clients easier and faster.

In all its modules, WorQ Agent™ has an electronic product list feature which could either be a list of products your agents will be selling to your clients or a list of materials your technical personnel currently has in his vehicle. Either way, the need for paper for inventory and transactions is minimized.

For the sales service module, the agents can input a list of their assigned products. This list can be customized and the agent can create a template for “frequently-selected” products for a specific client. In this way, transactions are made convenient for the clients. For the technical service module, field personnel like technicians may input a list of materials they will bring while doing their job route. They no longer need to write down what they have used on a prescribed form. Instead, they only have to choose from a list and what’s more is it will automatically update the inventory in the back-office.

This customizable product list is only one of the many valuable features that WorQ Agent has to offer. Besides sales activity tracking, the app gives you optimal control over your remote workforce. It allows smoother, faster and easier transactions with clients; it improves inventory management; and more importantly, it increases productivity and gives you more visibility over the entirety of your business on the field. It’s game-changing!

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3 Ways to Better Manage Your Sales Agents

True to say that sales is the heart of every business. Sales pumps the operations and it’s what keeps the cash flowing throughout the business. For similar reason, it has become very crucial a task to track sales performance, or say, monitor the heart rate of the business. In doing so, there is the necessity to manage the sales team the best possible way – that, which can be done only with a reliable degree of visibility.

Here are three ways to empower your sales team by letting them make the most of their time while out on the field.

1. Get them an app that organizes sales itinerary
In many cases, sales agents are rather spontaneous with their itineraries. It must be their urge to always hunt for new prospects and fresh leads from basically anywhere they are. While this is totally alright, a little “organizing” would help especially in managing appointments and cycling through existing accounts.

If instead of scanning through a write-all-you-can notebook or a restless inbox, sales agents can just easily glance at or scroll up and down a tablet device, field work would be much handy. It would mean saving themselves the hassle, saving on time; not to mention the convenience of getting much-needed help from a sales mobile application that tells them where to go first, where to next, and where the last stop would be. As a result, sales agents are able to budget their hours in a day, keep reminders for what time each appointment would be, plus an instant report of an entire day’s or week’s sales coverage.

2. Help your agents spot opportunities right where they are
This is good great news to your agents! Fact is that they keep a close watch for opportunities around. However, while it’s a merit for sales agents to have good instincts for spotting opportunities, this instinct works better with some advice, directive, or suggestion from someone who is actually staring at the opportunity right on a map.It’s simple. If you know where your agents are by the help of live tracking on a map, you probably can tell what opportunities are around them. With such capability, they double or triple their coverage in that certain area alone, thereby maximizing time, resource, and the area of coverage.

3. Provide channels for automating reports
Sales reports are sacred. Minus these documents, managing a sales team would be like driving a school bus blindfolded. At best case, reports should be complete, on time, accurate — least of all, clean.An enterprise mobile application called WorQ Agent™ has been developed to provide this automation channel for sales reports coming straight from the field. Neither the need for pen and paper to jot down figures on nor excel sheets for daily sales reports. Just a few buttons, taps on the keypad, touch-screen signing, a few clicks on the camera if you want, and there goes your sales report, on time real-time!

Above are only three of several ways to support your sales team in reaching higher productivity with WorQ Agent™. Learn more about the app and find your team a way to better results: http://www.worqagent.com/

Team Activity: Location-Marking Accuracy Test

Because we want to guarantee functionality and quality of our solutions, the team was sent out one Saturday to perform on-field simulation of WorQ Agent’s peddling module and field test of the GPS accuracy-setting. Five teams were deployed to different areas in Cebu City each with a goal of completing ten first-visit location markings; and then a second round of routing the same ten locations to test the efficiency of the GPS.

WorQ Agent is to roll out starting end of October 2016 for two of its major clients using the Sales Service Modules and Technical Service Modules.

The Sales Module which best fits for sales and delivery personnel includes Booking, Peddling, Collection, Delivery, Itinerary and Accounts Management; while Technical Service Module for Installation and Maintenance services personnel.